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 An application to create a portfolio for your vehicle where you can manage all maintenance and modification documents in one place and provide a shareable link to interested parties


 The process of creating, tracking, and providing vehicle maintenance & modification documents is outdated and physically vulnerable.
Mechanic paperwork

How I Got There…

Empathy Maps
Ryan Empathy Map @alpinef32
Geoffrey Empathy Map @veloster.n_
Shane Empathy Map @shane_eggert
Joe Empathy Map @performancebluen

These empathy maps were created to discover the specific needs of different end-users

Becca Empathy Map @kdmbecca

User Personas

Jacob User Persona

Two user personas were created using information gathered from the Empathy Maps

The User Personas outlined different needs for users that would help define different objectives, constraints, and functions the application would need to abide by

Sarah User Persona

Initial Sketches

ModMe 1st iteration low-fidelity sketch prototype

These sketches were made following the needs outlined by the User Personas

Different aspects of each sketch was used to create the high-fidelity prototype below

ModMe 2nd iteration low-fidelity sketch prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype

Click to interact!

Usability Heuristics

For the high-fidelity prototype, I implemented all 10 Usability Heuristics into the design

  1. Visibility of System Status
  2. Match between System & Real World
  3. User Control & Freedom
  4. Consistency & Standard
  5. Error-Prevention
  6. Recognition VS Recall
  7. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use
  8. Æsthetic & Minimalist Design
  9. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, & Recover from Errors
  10. Help & Documentation
ModMe Usability Testing
ModMe heatmap usability test results

Usability Testing

After the high-fidelity prototype was complete, I conducted usability testing on a small sample of participants to see how they interacted with the app when presented certain tasks

From the usability testing, I learned many different surprising ways the users interacted with the app along with affirmations of conceptual features

View the detailed study below…

Vehicle Maintenance & Modification Documents Study
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