Montana State University - Projects

 Here is a compilation of all relevant coursework completed at Montana State University

3D Animation

I am self-taught with my skills in Blender 3D. I created my first animation back in 2014 for a submission to an online contest and instantly became hooked on the application! Since then, I have used my skills with Blender to create 3D models and animations for group projects at Montana State University

2020 - I created the 3D Model/Animation, Video, & Music for my group’s final project presentation in my “Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Design” course. You can listen about my role in Project Management @ 5:11

2017 - I presented a topic on how to animate 3D models using audio frequency keyframe mapping with Python and Blender 3D to students as part of the “Libraries Ready to { Code} ” initiative in partnership with Google. This is a video showing the finished animation I made to one of my own songs using the described method

2016 - The uGo Headphones - Reveal was a conceptual design model that I created for my group in my Business & Entrepreneurship course to showcase at the judging event

Project Management / Leadership

Throughout the many group projects I have been a part of, taking leadership has always been instinctual


Zach Schallenberger SmartSheet certificate of achievement

On October 18th, 2020 I received my official Certification of Smartsheet. Smartsheet allowed me to help organize my teams’ objectives in order to deliver upon multiple deadlines. More info about my experience of Smartsheet can be found in the video above


As the co-founder and lead front-end developer of the application, Freats, I have been presented multiple opportunities to act as a leader by making executive decisions, co-writing business plans & presentations, and managing development cycles for Freats LLC in order to best suit our app’s needs and support its developers

Freats development backlog


Throughout my undergraduate career I have had many different opportunities to create different infographics for projects. Below are a couple that I’ve showcased

Honne All in the Value Filip Remix

Infographic created to give a glimpse into a meaningful song and artist for my “College Writing” course

Infographic created for a class exercise to develop a wallet based off of the needs defined by a potential stakeholder for my “Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Design” course

T.H.E. Wallet infographic
UGO infographic

Infographic created to define all included parts of the uGo Headphones’ kinetic energy module (more info in the video above). Created for “Business & Entrepreneurship” course

Web / App Prototyping

I have created many prototypes from start to finish. Some were later eventually developed into full products, but below are some examples of the prototypes


Soundwave showcase

The Website, “Soundwave” was created as a way for music producers to collaborate together on projects with a social aspect. This was created for my Web Development course. I was responsible for most of the backend development and designing the architecture of how files were created and stored on the website using specific string concatenation methods


The application, ModMe, was created out of an idea that sparked from a personal need: tracking, storing, and providing vehicle maintenance & modification documents is outdated and physically vulnerable. An in-depth user experience research study and a high-fidelity prototype were created for my “UX Design” course

ModMe screenshots


Freats design language showcase

Freats began as a small prototype for a hackathon event sponsored by Montana State University and eventually branched into a full product and company. We have multiple iterations of prototypes up to the final product

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